“How to spend my time while waiting for my child during a therapy session.”

Q: Can I leave and run errands during my child’s therapy time?

A: Check with your child’s therapist in person prior to doing so. There may be specific reasons why your therapist may want to have you on site during your child’s therapy session, even if you have previously left and run errands in the past.  Your child’s behavior or your child’s health may require the need for you to be close by in case the therapist needs your assistance.  Should you leave to run errands, please plan to return at least 15 minutes before the top of the hour.

Q: Can I eat & drink in the waiting room or feed a sibling?

A: We have many children who have allergies and we need to respect the need to keep them safe. We ask that you do not bring food and drink.  We have a lovely chairs outside that can accommodate you for a picnic. 

Q: Can I get toys from the front closet for my child or sibling to play with while we wait?

A: The front closet is only for the use of the therapists and staff. There are protocols and private documents that are located in that area in addition to the manipulatives/toys utilized by the therapy team. Therefore, we need for our clients for privacy, safety, and continuity of service reasons to refrain from going into the front closet.

Q: Can I wait in the waiting room during my child’s therapy session?

A: Sure, feel free to but please be considerate of others and maintain a distance of 6 feet in the waiting area. If you are bringing electronics, please consider the use of ear buds to help lower the overall level of ambient electronic noise.