Summer time activities

Summer time activities

Q: What can we do while we are on vacation and away from our regular therapy sessions?

A: Vacation is a perfect time to use some of the strategies your child’s therapist has taught you both over the months for OT, PT and Speech needs.   It does not have to be “perfect”, just put some “normalcy” back into your lives. 

Q: Can I rearrange my child’s therapy schedule for the summer or just to work around a camp schedule?

A: Many of the DPT therapists have very full schedules with back-to-back sessions with other DPT therapists, so re-arranging for the summer is not possible.   We certainly understand that summer is a time when all can be a bit more flexible.  So, talk to your therapist.  If there is a possibility of making something work for a week, they will do their best.

Q: If I want to do some extra sessions or make ups during the summer is that possible? 

A: We will do everything we can to make that happen.  Talk to your therapist about the schedule and to Darlene about insurance coverage.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, most of your therapists have a full caseload.  Temporarily rearranging the schedule for the summer is not always possible.

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