As we are slowly transitioning back to the clinic setting, several questions have been asked. In hopes of answering many, we are posting the frequent ones below.

Q: When is DPT going to open? 

A: DPT continues to remain open, as we are deemed “essential healthcare caregivers” by the Department of Homeland Security.  Initially, we significantly reduced our hours to ensure the highest level of safety and are gradually increasing.

Q:  Can I continue to receive my DPT therapies via telehealth?

A: Yes, if you are currently approved for services you can temporarily continue.  Insurance companies are allowing telehealth only during the COVID-19 pandemic.  So, telehealth will be ending with DPT at some point in the future.   We do not have a firm date for that at this time.

Q:  What if my therapist is returning but I am not ready for my child to return to the clinic setting?

A: DPT is respecting everyone’s comfort level, safety concerns, and personal choice as to when they would like to return to the clinic location for treatment.  Your therapist can continue provide your telehealth session from our clinic.

Q: What if one of my therapists is doing clinic and the other is doing telehealth sessions, is that allowed?

A: You can certainly do a blend of telehealth for one therapy and clinic for another.  Insurance companies are allowing that.  We want everyone to feel comfortable in their decision.  Safety is our first priority.

DPT is adhering to the stringent policies that were put into place for compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.   An overview of our plan is as follows.

Stringent COVID-19 Plan

  • Individual care with social distancing
  • Grid system to indicate clean available treatment spaces
  • Sanitization after care
  • Attendance only if well – no fever, or signs of respiratory illness.
  • Encourage waiting in car/ parking lot

We want everyone to be comfortable with their choice and therapies at DPT.  Safety is our first priority.   Please let us know how we can help and if you wish to talk more or if there are specific questions we can answer.