The DPT Family Coronavirus Plan

The DPT Family Coronavirus Plan

The DPT Family Coronavirus Plan

 Below is an update on what we are doing to keep everyone safe:

  • We are providing individual one on one therapy in eight individual break out rooms and two gyms, with a designated space for your child’s session.
  • Social opportunities with other patients and children are on hold.
  • Ball Pit, Bean Pit, Fabric swings have been temporarily removed.
  • If feeding is being done in your child’s therapy, we ask that feeding utensils and cup/ plate be brought in from home for your child’s session.
  • As always, all treatment areas are wiped down after each session and your therapist washes/ hand sanitizes between each session.
  • Door knobs throughout our office will be sanitized throughout the day. Waiting room furniture will be sanitized daily.
  • Hand sanitizers are in all of our waiting rooms and anti-bacterial soap is in all of our bathroom for your use and your child’s. We encourage you to use them.
  • Please only attend therapy if you and your child are well, without any infection, as always.  No fever. No signs of a respiratory illness.
  • If you wish to wait for your child, in your car in the parking lot, please let your therapist know.  MAKE SURE you arrive at our office door 10 minute PRIOR to the end of your child’s session for wrap up.
  • Community toys in the waiting room have been removed.  If you are in the waiting room for a brief period of time, please do not bring anything extra such as toys, food, or magazines.

We know that this is a very stressful time for everyone.  Your child’s safety and well-being is our first priority.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally at any time.

Darlene A. Robertson


[email protected]