I want to take this moment to thank my entire team at DPT.  We are comprised of OTs, SLPs, a PT and an office manager.  Every single one of them has done an amazing job during this pandemic.   I asked them to adopt to a way of treating that we had never discussed or planned.  They all took it on in stride and worked diligently to make sure they provide you and your family the best care available in a platform brand new to us all.  They worked through glitches and bumps and probably 900 emails and calls from me.  Pam, our office manager, went to town on our clinic location, stripping it of any surface we could not diligently sanitize per use.  She implemented a cleaning grid system and oriented the team to the constant changes DPT was making to ensure your child’s safety.  We advocated for insurance coverage and were able to get a vast amount of children telehealth services.  I could not be more proud of our DPT family.

Then we went out to all of you and asked you to become the extensions of our hands, our legs, our words.  We asked you to be the therapy facilitators.  We asked you to do more than just a home program or a few repetitions.  We asked you to set aside time, sit in front of a computer, endure some bumps with technology, and participate in a therapy session like you never imagined.   You were there week after week and your dedication has not gone unnoticed.   We see it in your children, in the progress that is made, and changes that we see.   On behalf of all of us at the DPT family, we thank you for all you have done.   Thank you for letting us come into your homes and be a part of your families during this most incredible time in our lives.

With much gratitude,



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