HOW COVID-19 HAS AFFECTED CHILD                                                   DEVELOPMENT


Your baby may never has met anyone who isn’t his/her parent, or may only ever has seen his/her grandparents from a distance. He/she may not have had the same opportunities to interact with other children as babies born in previous years. Unfortunately, support systems for babies and their families have been disrupted and redefined.  We have all adopted to “new norms” 

A baby’s development needs play and stimulation, and interactions with caregivers and other babies.  This is important for social skills, pre- speech skills and motor skills to develop.   Follow your baby’s lead. When he/ she takes an interest in an item:  name the item, talk about it, laugh about it, sing about it and read about it.  All simple and cost effective and a great way to stimulate learning and development. 

If you have a concern, talk to your pediatrician and do not doubt yourself.  Moms and Dads are usually right.  A little OT, PT or Speech can give you some assistance in giving your baby the developmental push in the right direction.  If we can answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.