Developmental Concerns  

Developmental Concerns  

Q: My two-year-old has less than 150 words and is not using 2-words consistently to communicate, should I be concerned?

A: If your child is not using 2-words to communicate and 150 words consistently at the age of 2 then talk to your pediatrician about getting a referral for a SPEECH evaluation.  We would be happy to help and provide therapy services and weekly home programs to help with your child’s speech language development. 

Q: My baby is 10 months old and still not crawling.  Should I be concerned?

A: Crawling is an important developmental milestone for transitioning to sit and standing.  It is also crucial for hand skill development and works on visual development.  We do not want your baby to miss out on this one!  So, talk to your pediatrican and let us help you with some therapy.

Q: How much “tummy time” should babies get in a day?

A: at least 30 minutes a day is recommended.  The 30 minutes can be split throughout the day to equal a total of 30 minutes.   Also, the baby can lay on your chest and look up at your face for motivation.  

Q: If I am concerned about my baby’s development, what should I do?

A: “Trust your gut”.  Parents know best.  Contact your pediatrician and ask for help.  We are happy to help.