Accessible Chef Recipes in Therapy

Accessible Chef Recipes in Therapy

At DPT we have utilized the Accessible Chef recipes with great success.  Accessible Chef is a website free to the public.  They have a collection of free visual recipes.  The recipes help to teach cooking skills to individuals with disabilities.  The visual recipes make use of task analysis, by breaking down a complex task into manageable steps. Students may require visual, physical, or verbal prompts to complete each skill.  Prompts may be gradually removed as the individual becomes more independent.  Visual recipes share similarities with PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) and Boardmaker.

Accessible Chef’s goal is to make cooking accessible to everyone.  In the photo, we used the “No Churn Vanilla Ice Cream” recipe.  Rave reviews were give.  Visit their website listed below.


Courtesy of Accessible Chef

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