Returning to a schedule at DPT frequently asked Q and A:

Q: We are still doing telehealth; when do I need to resume my “normal” schedule with DPT?

A: As summer begins to come to an end, we certainly encourage you to have your child resume their regularly scheduled time spot with DPT, even if you are still doing some telehealth sessions.

Q:  Is a routine schedule that important for my child? 

A: Yes, it really is important.   Having an established routine in place helps your child anticipate what is expected in their daily routine.   Establishing that “normalcy” of a routine is very important.   We have done our best to keep your regularly scheduled days and times that were in place in March.  Please speak with your therapist about moving into those spots as summer comes to an end, if not before.

Q:  If my child’s school has not announced their schedule or firm plan, will that affect my therapy spots at DPT?

A: You have your confirmed therapy spots at DPT.  That has not changed.   We are certainly happy to write medical letters to allow your child to be released from any new school obligation.

Q: What would the medical letter for school release detail? 

A: Our medical letters ask the school to excuse your child’s absence to attend the physician prescribe therapy.  It also assures the school that we are doing all we can to find future scheduling options and we are happy to accommodate any missed school work into our therapy session as deemed appropriate.  Please contact your therapist or Darlene for assistance with this matter.